My American Christmas!

Hey people,

I just want to wish you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!

I hope everybody spent it in peace and happiness with their families! My American Christmas was wonderful! On Christmas Eve we made some cookies,played some fun games together and finished the last presents and wrappings :) All of us girls (Savannah,Braelynn,Channing and Me) were sleeping together in a room so we can get up together in the morning and check out what Santa Claus brought us!

On Christmas Day we woke up around 7 am and got together in the living room and started unwrapping our presents from each other and from Santa!

I’ve got some really cool stuff I wanted! And I am really thankful for them!:)

After this, we had breakfast together and around 1 pm we went across the street to our very sweet neighbors Mike and Michelle.The house was full of people!:) Everybody was really nice! I’ve got from them a really nice gift and a stocking!I liked it a lot! We had lunch and after that we did Chinese gift exchange which was also really fun!

Later, we went to Grandma Patty’s house ( the same lady we went to on Thanksgiving) and she gave us some cute gifts too:) We ate some desserts, and hang out talking for a while…and later we went home.

It was such a long day…Almost everybody fell asleep on our way home:p.

We got in bed, watched some movies and sleep:)

So guys,that’s how I spent my American Christmas! It was really fun!

I hope y’all had a good one too;)

(btw I made the wreath above ;) Isn’t it pretty? :D I really enjoy making stuff like that)

See ya soon!        -B


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