Halfway through! :)

Hey everybody!

 To be honest, I really tried to write another post in time but guess what?! I didn’t … I am sorry, but being in drill team and school and etc. takes up my whole time and when I finally get home in the late afternoon all I need is a shower and bed.

 Now the Christmas Break started, so  finally I can share with you what happened in the last almost 3 months:d (it’s crazy how time flies).I know that nobody likes to read long stories, so mostly you will see photos and small descriptions:D

Alright, as I said I spend most of my time with the Dixie Belles, so let’s start with a football game where my hard work was paid with the award of The New Girl Of The Week :) I was really proud.

     Here I am with the officers (left to right with red hats) Jazmine,Lisa,Kandace and our captain Darian (silver hat).

                                      Yeeeeyy :DD:D:D


Let’s get scared!:o

My 17th birthday was coming, so as a pre-birthday gift we went to a Hunted House! It was really cool…I was screaming so hard that I did’t really had any voice the next day:))

                         Before entering we were pretty excited :oo

Entering the OUTBREAK! We went in by groups.. it was so scary:)) Zombies were running all over the place shouting in our faces:)) They were everywhere blocking our way!It was great!!

Oh well……..I just had a heart attack =)))

Guys like him were walking around scaring people from behind and running towards you with an ax or chainsaw:)) x.x

After we “escaped” the Hunted House we went to eat some ice cream to recover:))<3


             We also went to the traditional State Fair of Texas! We had so much fun:)

 In front of the Big Tex (this huge character is the icon of the fair):

with Braelynn :x

Savannah , Me and Braelynn :D

And guest what!?A hungarian folk dance corporation was performing at the fair! It was so good to see them dancing and singing the songs with them:) Filled my heart with so much happiness!

I got to talk a few words with them and dance together a little bit in a big circle ! It was such a good experience to meet a piece of home so far away! :)

Making of my first caricature! It turned out pretty funny :DDD

Me & Brealynn munching on some corn dogs


I never saw anything like this before:))) A pig race people:)))) It was hilarious!!!

Birthday Girl!


           For the 22nd of October we went to our favorite Mexican restaurant for a really cute

 Birthday Dinner:)The food was delicious as always, and I also got a really special birthday dessert from the restaurant and the waiters sang “Happy Birthday” for me :D It was really neat!!

 And look!!! I’ve got a ONESIE!!!I wanted one so bad!! It’s so comfy and fluffy! Isn’t it cute?

                               Onesie sisters with baby Channing :DD

My super cute mini Birthday Cake!-of course with a lot of green<3


       But the best gifts were from really special people who tought about me on my birthday even if I am so far away!My love made me an awesome surprise dinner<3 I wish I could have actually be there with him!Anyway, it made me really happy and made my birthday even more special!



October here is nothing else just ghost,monsters, and crazy spooky stuff.

It was really fun to experience this crazy American holiday!

This was our Dixie Belle Halloween Party!

                           And just a selfie with the girls before the Football Dinner;)

   Everybody was so excited because of our Daddy Dance. ( The Daddy Dance takes place at a regular football game but instead of our serious dances we performed a really fun dance with our dads and host dads! It was really fun to watch the dads struggling with the “hard” dance moves:))

Before the big performance with Brian :)

                                         TRICK OR TREAT!

This was my first Trick or Treating. It’s awesome how people are waiting for the candy-hunter kids with buckets full of sweets:D We were walking around in the neighborhood for like 2 hours…it was getting really cold but we just wanted more and more candy:D

            There were a lot of houses with huge and really cool decorations in the front yard:D

                            At last I collected 6 pounds(3 kg) of candy!!!

       November was coming and also our last football game in the season!By the time the season was over I started to understand that High School football is a really big deal in Texas.

Thanks for my team for this awesome football season<3

My mom told me that she is going to send me a package with some face creams and stuff I need but I can’t buy them here…It took like forever to it to arrive… But when it did arrive,I was really excited to receive something from home:)

Every little thing what my Mom told me about was in the box. But there was something more… My super awesome friend Tekla, and my wonderful boy sent me some really special birthday, and 2 years anniversary gifts! <3<3<3

Thank you both so much!! There are no words for how happy y’all

made me!!!<3 love you.

One Saturday we had a awesome day with the team!Early in the morning we had a photo shooting and later we had a Fun Run where we were selling hot chocolate and tea :3 !

Reyna,Me,Alaina & Cassie

: )

Since we were working in different shifts we had a couple hours of free time,so we got in the car and we went to get some Starbucks and Chick’fil’a ! It was so fun =)) Love all of these crazy girls:))

Thanks Lexi for the special dedication :)) ;)

At the fun run:D

Sorry, I tried to flip this picture but it wouldn’t put it in here flipped… :s

           AYYY,my super cool #swag jacket! I am so glad that I got one!!!:D:D



Hmmm, the delicious turkey <3 everything was so good! And I get to meet some other members of the Seely family:) Everybody was so nice ! We had a wonderful thanksgiving!

                              And what do you think what is the other good thing about Thanksgiving beside turkey,family and more turkey?:)) NO School!!!!! So we got together with my host sisters and we went ice-skating!It was so much fun!! We were laughing a lot,because everybody was falling:))I am just letting you know that my butt was hurting pretty bad the next day…But anyways at the and we got pretty professional though..:))

November was over,December was here and what is December about? CHRISTMAS! We started decorating the whole house,cleaning up and we decorated  our christmas tree too! It looks fabulous!

At the beginning of the year our dance teacher told us what are we going to do the whole year,and she  was talking about a field trip to the Dallas Opera House to watch the ballet play ‘The Nutcracker’!Since then I was waiting for the trip so bad! And not without any reason because everything was so beautiful!<3

    With the girls from dance class! :) Everybody was so pretty *.*

     This was the inside of the Opera House! It was breathtaking!So was the play!

                                          our school bus :D

                          Skyscraper in Dallas!

My lovely mexican girls<3 Cassie&Reyna! After our lunch in Dallas!

At the basketball game <3 I love dancing at the games,but it was so much fun to just sit back in the student’s section and cheer for our awesome players! GO REBELS!




Christmas was just closer,also the winter break! ;)

With all the exchange student around Dallas we had a small Christmas Party! Everybody brought some food based on traditional recipe from their home country!OMG everything was soooooo ggooooodd!!I made rakott krumpli :)) everybody loved it ;)

And the girl in the picture is Ola!She is from Poland,she is the sweets girl ever and it’s so surprising that we are on the same track in everything:D I am so glad that I met her and we actually became friends really fast:)

The Christmas spirit arrived to our dance room too :D Libby and I decorated the christmas tree and we had a little Secret Santa within the team! I just can’t describe how fun it was ! And it was such a good feeling to sit in a circle with my new friends, laugh together and give each other presents,sharing a little bit of care and happiness before Christmas.


Thank you guys for following my exchange year!

Everything is just fine with me (as you see),since I changed families I am not that homesick anymore :D but that doesn’t mean that I don’t miss you all! The last thing what I would like to say in this post is that is extremely hard to be an exchange student..Nothing is how I imagined it to be,everything i full of surprises,and I think that is just good that way! But I think it worth it for all the special moments these wonderful people gave me,and for all the thing I learn every single day!!

Love you all, xoxo


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