First month in America:)

Hey guys! xxx

Sorry for not writing earlier but I’m so busy all the time… and well the first time I started to write this post and I made it till the end accidentally I deleted everything!!! Oh my gosh.. I was so pissed… so it took me a while to redo it again…

But let’s begin what happened to me in my first 1 & 1/2 month in Texas!:D (I hope that I am not going to forget anything.. :)) )

On my first week I met a lot of really nice people already,but thanks to Sebastian I met the most wonderful people : The Seely Family. Savannah & Braelynn are sisters and they are playing tennis with Sebi, so they invited us to spend the Saturday with them at a lake on their boat! Sadly Sebi couldn’t come,but I don’t regret that I went :D

        I just simply love the Texan sun! <3

It was so much fun because they have a lot of cool stuff like wake-board,knee-board & tubes :D

After an amazing weekend Monday came and the first day at my American School:

                                RICHLAND HIGH SCHOOL (RHS)

                         Waiting to enter the parking lot…

My first impression was : A LOT OF PEOPLE! The school is huge…so a lot of kids are going to that be honest it was pretty scary:))

But the everybody went to the gym and my first Pep-Rally was waiting for me:))

We were entertained by the cheerleaders,the band,and the drill team(Dixie Belles)of the school!

Of course everybody was celebrating the football and other athletes of the school :)


                It was really fun,loud music,cheering and dancing ;)

After the Pep-Rally we haded to our first period (classes are called periods here,yeah weird…:)) )

Everyone was really nice!Even though they didn’t realized for first that I am a foreign exchange student :))

My favorite class is audio-video production (and of course dance :D ). I have to go to a different building the BCTAL :D

This is my “classroom” which is actually a studio with a lot of awesome cameras and equipments !

It was a pretty long week… but you know food makes things better:))) Even if (sorry guys..) I hate fastfood :)) But thank God, I’ve found the perfect place for me! The SWEET TOMATOES, which is a kind of salad bar where you can eat as much as you can for 12 $ and it’s delicious and healthy ;)

Don’t be afraid.. I am not crazy:)) I tried some not that healthy foods too ;)

             My first American brownie milkshake

                                And Mexican food is the BEST!!!!!!!!

                                  You have to know that if it’s Friday then it’s GAME DAY! :d

                                   My first football game !

I went to this game with the Dixie Belles because I was about to be part of the team (and guess what?! I am part of the team now;) khmm Elite Varsity :D )

The next two weekend days we went again to the lake with the Seelys but this time Sebi came with us too;) And we spent the night in a travel trailer :D

                                     SOOOOOOO MUUUUCHHH FUUUN!!!!

Sebastian & Me



Flying with the tube! Best thing of my life :))) I just adore it!


Thumbs up :d!


Whoooo! Knee-surfing !


I am riding that wake-board pretty well ;)

And then sadly a usually school week was next…..

                                                         But I’ve got my student ID :))

End you know how it works… If you have fun something will happen:)))

Pretty cool huh?!:)))

Next weekend with Ellen,Randy and Sebastian and other exchange students ( Annabelle- from Australia

and Kim- from Germany) we went to the

Forth Worth Stockyards :D



 Kim , Me , Annabelle & Sebastian


and some cowboys:)

We started doing our mums and garders for HOCO(Homecoming)

It was cool to make ourselves these mums :) I think that it turned out pretty :)

(Mums are like a big ornament what you are wearing at Homecoming around your neck!Mine is a small one

because I want to bring it home ;) but some girls are going crazy! Their mums are bigger than themselves..

This is a real Texan tradition for Homecoming!)

Next we went with Ellen,Randy and Sebi to the famous SIX FLAGS!

 (This is one of the biggest amusement parks)


dream come true *.* :))

  And the best thing in the world!!!!!!! :



We were actually flying! It was awesome!




So,I hope you remember the Seelys!

Well,now they are my host family!I love them so much :)

I am glad that I made this decision.. it was really hard… but sometimes you have to be selfish..:\

So now I live with :

-host mom: Melissa

-host dad: Brian

- 3 host sisters: Savannah (18 yr soon :P )

          Braelynn  (15 yr)

       Channing (8 yr)

-4 dogs and a cat

        -no exchange partner :’(


Another Friday game! :D

and believe  it or not.. but sometimes even in Texas the weather gets really cold!!

I was freezing!!

“The Sweethearts Of Richland High School”



When it’s a week like this or other spirit weeks everybody has to dress up! And every day has a different theme ;)

Thursday: Throwback day :D

We had to dress up as a favorite TV show or movie character from our childhood :p

We were the Power Puff Girls :)) :D

Friday: Fancy Day :x and the big Homecoming Game !!

Everybody was wearing their mums and garders !

Me and Sebi :d we were pretty sleepy but this is our only picture so… :)))

Me and Savannah and her huge mum :o

(Some girls had bigger mums then her mum)

Finally I was actually dancing with the Dixie Belles at HOCO Pep-Rally :D

It was really cool :D

and preparing for the game ;)

Pretty big mess right?:)))

Everybody was really excited!!

And I won the section award!

(this award is usually for girls who are working hard during the week ;) )


Then Saturday I went to my first American Birthday Party *.*

It was perfect! Everything was vintage and there were ornaments and other stuff a would never think of! It was a really great party!

Happy 16th Birthday Nemo!!


Me and the beautiful Birthday Girl ;;)

having fun with the Photo-Booth :D


Taking a good nap with Grace on a lazy Sunday :o3

Saving some lives with my blood ;)


(they said that my blood will save 6 babies :oo33 aww :”) )

I felt really good about myself ;)

Then our school week was

HALTOM WEEK, because Haltom is

one of the biggest enemies of RHS ;)

So we had another dress up week ;)

Scrubs day: Perfect for anatomy and frog disgusting :))) And accidentally Paige ( my desk mate ) had the same scrub as I had :)))

Our huge friend :)))

Yukkk !!!! :s It was disgusting  !

Friday : Rebel Pride ;)


Haltom game

Having fun with Jazmine and Chayenna

before dance class :p

The I discovered who is my Big sister ;)

( The Dixie Belles have a tradition that the new girls in the team get a big sister who is making her gifts and cute things, and when it’s time to discover who is we get matching socks so we have to find our pair :oo )

She was Lisa :) One of our awesome Officers !


Then Saturday we had a Junior Clinc with wanna be Dixie Belles ! It was so cute :o3 a lot of kids ! I love them :x Especially my little dancer!

We had a really long week so we decided to have a girly Sunday night ;) We went together to watch a movie :D

We picked a thriller :

As above/So below

I recommend it to everyone!

It was super awesome!!!!!!!

Especially if you are alone at night in the cinema :))

Because of the movie last night I was so tired in the morning… And not happy at all :)))

Yeah, we all hate Mondays..

The rest of the week was just rolling without anything interesting…

But Friday a was dancing for the first time on the football field on the halftime ;)

Ooohhh yeahh ;) !

And after the game I just got home and we had to leave because the girls had a tennis tournament in Bryan (which is a 3 hours drive and the girls had to play at

8 am )

They played really well ;)

They are awesome players;)

Texas A&M ‘s gorgeous tennis fields ;)

Well yeah… you know me… I go little bit crazy sometimes in front of people:)))

And Brealynn made the consolation finals and she won ! :D

Congratulation love !<3

(on the road)


P.S :

Sorry for this long post;) But I really wanted to share everything with you all !

My dear family,my love,my besties A&T&N,11J,Attitude,Csalamade,

Esemenyhorizont(I think that these groups are the best to note everyone and this way I hope everybody will recognize themselves;) ) and my every other friend y’all have to know how much I love you and miss you!! I really do!! I think of you a lot and I am talking about you to everybody that how awesome friends I have ;)







Lots of love <3, – B 


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