Arrived to TX!:D


Hey guys! Well this is so hard.. yesterday I started my journey from Budapest.. It was extreamly hard to say goodbye to Mom,Dad, my little sister and my love! Before the departure I had a little bit of trouble with my baggage:D Instead of 23 kg it was 33 kg:)))) well i was shocked.. I didn’t want to pay 100€ so I started unpacking:))) It was really stressful but also funny:p after my baggage was ready and my check in was done , the hardest part was say goodbye! I was crying nonstop… my family and my love were crying … while standing in the line I was alway searching their faces… it was so so so hard to let them go… I am still crying when I think of them.. I hope that soon it will be better!My flight was alright but so long…

I made a new friend! Lilla,who is from Budapest and she also came to Dallas for a year as an exchange student! She was really nice , and I felt much better that I wasn’t all alone and we could help each other :)


My new “family” is really nice! Their home is beautiful!! My room is so awesome!!

 Today we might go shopping or something like that and later me and Sebastian ( my “brother” from Switzerland) will go to the school because he has tennis training and I’ll go with him:D Monday will be our first school day! So I’ll write soon about it:D

Lots of love, B.!

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