Very soon I will begin my journey as an exchange student in the USA!


“The world is a book, and those who don’t travel read only one page”

Very very soon (20th of August) I will arrive to the United States to start my school year as an exchange student!Well, I am so excited about my journey.. I think that everyone would be.

At first, I heard about this exchange program from my classmate Rebeka (she started this program too and she is already in the USA,FL). My first thought was “hey why not?! it will be awesome!:D” .. but now my departure is so close and it started to become aware and this scares me.It’s hard because I can’t talk about this to anyone because they are like:” you’re so lucky!” and “I wish i could go” .. well yes, but it’s a whole year far away from my family,friends and my love.Okay, I can talk to them on Skype and Facebook, but it’s not the same.. I can’t hug them if I’m alone,or just if I’m homesick.I am also afraid of my flight(I know I shouldn’t, and I flew many times already). I’m excited about my new family too,they are really nice but it will be strange anyway.And most of all I worry about my new school.When I first talked to this exchange program’s delegate I told him I want to attend a art school,because I am a dancer for 14 years now, and i want to develop my skills in the USA.At first I’ve got an awesome school with really cool dance course,but then my school has changed to another.They said it is bigger and better but I haven’t see anything of their dance team yet..I hope everything will be alright.

I don’t know what i should write about, maybe it’s time for a short descriptive part :D

I will spend my next year at TX,Dallas,Fort Worth.My new parents are Ellen and Randy Guse.They have a beautiful house,big family and cute pets:D I will have an exchange partner or brother from Switzerland, Sebastian:) I can’t wait to meet them! They are all really nice! I will share some pictures of them when I arrive!

I have 2 another blogs where you can see what’s up with me:) : or <– this one is written together with Rebeka <3 i hope you’ll like it!

Next post will be from the USA! See you around!

xoxo, Bonni




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